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I supply a range of services tailored to meet the specific needs of the more unusual or exotic pet, such as; Micro pigs, Savannah Cats, Foxes, Skunks, Raccoons, Raccoon dogs, Meerkats, Marmosets or other Exotic Mammals, as well as for the more common pets, such as; Dogs, Ferrets, Reptiles or Birds.  

My aim is to provide education, guidance and support for people looking to learn more about their animal companions, whatever the species!

"Owning a pet is a wonderful experience for many people across the globe. However, there are times when we can all experience problematic behaviour, which can be distressing for all involved if the problem isn't addressed promptly. The sooner any such problems are understood and managed, the greater the chances are of successfully resolving the issue"

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Excessive Behaviours

Anxiety or Excitement

Phobias or Obsessions

Destructive Behaviours

Any Other Unwanted Behaviour

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To provide owners with the knowledge and confidence to effectively meet their pets needs

To promote positive training techniques

To promote animal awareness and the importance it has within our society

To promote organisations and scientific knowledge in the field of exotic pets

To promote knowledge and awareness on disease and parasites effecting exotic pets, including zoonoses

To promote responsible breeding and ownership

To facilitate rescue and re-homing schemes

To educate with quality, honesty and accuracy

As of October 2018, these services will no longer be available. 

If you have a query regarding a North American red fox, then please contact Black Foxes UK for further advice and assistance. 

Skunk Behaviour
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"We had trouble with our German Shepherd being aggressive to anyone coming to the door, also with other dogs outside. We have had two other dog trainers without success. Hayley came and spent a good 2 hours with us and the dog, after which there was a marked improvement. She explained his problems were interwoven with our behaviour and provided the solutions to work on that changed these problems. Within a couple of days he was much calmer. We would recommend her 100 per cent. "

Mike and Sue Royle 

Our herd of micro pigs had begun calling for food earlier and earlier in the mornings. Hayley was able to identify the reasons behind their behaviour and provided us with the confidence and techniques to rectify the problem quickly. We highly recommend her services."
Olivia Young, Luton

"I had some problems amongst my charm of finches and contacted Hayley. She was able to identify the causes to the problems and provided me with her tailor made "Enrichment Programme" to ensure the best welfare for my birds. As a result the aggression has stopped, health issues were addressed, a new training & enrichment routine was adopted, and their cage environment was given an overhaul. As a result, my dear birds are much happier and healthier! I highly recommend her services! Thank you". 

Emily Tonds, London 

"Hayley's ability was clear. She calmly and confidently took a nervous "wild" animal and was quickly able to teach her the skills required to co-operate with us. Sadly, it became clear by the end of the programme that we were unable to fully meet the needs of our baby and with tact and respect for the situation, Hayley quickly found a new home for our girl, with experts who provide exotic pet rescue.  We will dearly miss her, but take solace in the fact we have done what was best for her.Thank You for all your support"

The Daniels, Beds

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