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Marmoset Behaviour
All pet owners have the potential to encounter behaviour or welfare issues, not just those that keep dogs or cats. For owners of the more unusual or exotic pet the recources are far more limited, though the information and assistance can be just as greatly needed.

I provide a range of services that are aimed at maximising the welfare of both you and your pet, taking into consideration all of the components that ensure optimum health and well-being. 

My knowledge, experience and qualifications cover a wide range of species and disciplines, enabling me to provide a unique service that is genuinely tailored to meet your needs and those of your pet. Whatever the species, whatever the situation!

Each case is treated on an individual basis and each programme, whether to modify an unwanted behaviour or to teach new skills, is specifically tailored to cover the unique circumstances involved.   

It is important to note; many behavioural conditions can be a result of a medical issue that requires veterinary diagnosis and treatment. I strongly recommend all clients ensure their pets are registered with an appropriate vet prior to arranging a consultation. If you are having problems locating an appropriate vet, please see our veterinary directory for assistance. 

Behaviour Consultations - Providing Owners with the tools to resolve unwanted behaviours effectively, efficiently and humanely. If you are willing to make a few committed changes and are looking for a better life for you and your pet then help is at hand!

Enrichment Programmes -. Teaching pet owners the skills required to provide the most rewarding and stimulating environment for themselves, their pet and their situation. The perfect gift for any animal companion or convalescing pet.

Handling & Obedience Classes - Providing owners with the skills required to safely handle and control their pets in a way that is positive and respectful to the species involved. Basic training is no longer just for puppies or adults!

Husbandry, Health & Hygiene Tutorials - Providing owners with the knowledge and skills required to provide the highest possible health and welfare standards for both their pet and themselves! 

Skype & Phone Consultations - To meet today's hectic, mobile lifestyle, assistance and support is now available through the touch of a button through Skype. 

Meerkat Behaviour

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